Thursday, 9 September 2010

Freeberries Cont>

Plenty of freeberry jam!


Not bad for an afternoons foraging, all collected within a mile of home. even managed to find time for a quick pint too!

Now then..   who's for jam?


Bramleys, Plums, Blackberries & Sloes

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Its all in the name!

Hey Folks,
well if you been here over the last day or so you may have noticed a redirect from the old address into this one, 'Mountainbasher' is a name i've used for some time here and there on the Internet in  various places and forums etc, so it seem logical that i registered it as a domain and finally do something about creating another website, so yesterday, rather hurriedly thats what i did.. you can check out the begginings of my new site at the address and this blog will be kept in this format under the subdomain
i'm gonna keep both updated with not only biking stuff, but any other random crap that i find amusing, i hope you will too...!
I'll be putting the photos from my recent scottish trip online in the next few days..