Sunday, 22 August 2010


Hey all,
Well as you prolly gathered I didn't wanna start heading south just yet, so I decided to go and have a look at Mull.. the decision was made thus morning at about 7am this morning... id pulled into the first campsite u game across yesterday, and without checking out the 'neighbours' first, just pitched and want to sleep. So... imagine my horror this morning at 6am the small child in the next tent decided to serenade the entire site with some incomprehensible German nursery rhyme.. and then to my utter dismay, the little shites father decided not to silence the child, but to join in!
Whilst on the middle of me translating into German the phrase "i'm going to kill your child with a spoon!!!" I hit upon two... not one... but two great ideas..
1. Go to mull instead of going south
2. Due to my late arrival last night, I figured that if I got a wiggle on, I could make it off the site without being noticed, and thus... without paying.
So that's exactly what I did! In spite of the noisy campsite, cold showers and high prices, I scarpered straight on the first boat to Mull, where upon I celebrated my cheap night by spending the cash on an obscenely large cooked breakfast..
(it also turned out that half the camping field followed my lead and a good 6 or 8 tents were packed up in record time as we all made our escape to Mull)
So, my faithful readers, I ask that you can find it in your hearts and souls to forgive me for my evil deed.
Before I tell you about my next evil deed...
Having finished the main portion of my breakfast, I was mulling over my mornings deed with some toast and coffee, when u glanced upon my 'Calmac 8 Day Rover' ferry ticket... and noticed that it Infact expired yesterday.. something myself, or the ferryman failed to notice..
So after my cost saving on my nights camping, and now the cost saving in my ferry ticket.. I celebrated yet again with another steaming mug of americano coffee..
(I once again ask for your forgiveness)
Landed on Mull in the pouring rain but after a couple of miles it brightened up and the sun came out yet again..
Along the pretty coastline constantly being screeched at by angry buzzards, I past lots of small groups of what I figured to be Russian Scout Troops, young lads, 13 ish to about 18 ish, brown uniforms, neckties and woggles singing some bizarre chanting style military songs as they marched down the road in perfect time, it was very surreal.. even more surreal was when one of the troops of about 20 lads broke from their song to give me a perfectly timed and executed Mexican Wave as I passed..
20 odd miles down the coastline and o was in the postcard perfect Tobermoray, with its brightly coloured buildings lining the harbour, all bustling with tourists snapping pictures of anything and everything.
I found somewhere to grab a sandwich, which in this little town is no easy thing... well food is easy to find but the prices are outrageous.. I mean, I know these little tourist trap towns kinda have a right to milk the prices a little, but I'm also fairly sure that £16.99 for fish and chips from a tacky little cafe, is a little excessive..
(Tip: nice place, take sandwiches.)
After a good mooch around I thought id better make the return journey down the coast, just making it in time as the barrier was going up to let the cars and bikes aboard, I flashed my expired ferry ticket at the ferryman for the second time today and wheeled down the ramp onto the cardeck.. Epic Win!
So I celebrated my slyness again with a chip butty from the cafe.
(For the final time again in todays blog, I ask for forgiveness)
I wheeled back into Oban and foe obvious reasons thought I better check out the other campsite in town, a much smarter affair, all clean and tidy with hot showers and a little laundry where I currently sit, catching up on some washing.. rock n roll huh?
So, gonna have to start heading south sometime I guess, I've been 'midge food' way too long now.. I noticed earlier there's a nifty route south that would allow me to take one the Isle Of Bute too, but I can leave it till midday day to decide on that one too...(if I don't do Bute, and one of my SL buddies could pass a message to Phooks, I could well be passing past her doorstep Tuesday morning)
Oki that's about it for tonight..
Laterz all..

Ooh p.s. a very important looking ferry man was recapping on the weather we had on Uist the other day, and he said the gusts were at 90mph, and it was a force 10 gale. (11 is a hurricane) o.O

P.p.s. I saw my Canadian friend yet again this morning in Oban, after she managed to talk the coach driver into taking her and her bike to Edinburgh! Her lucky day/week I guess.

P.p.p.s. todays picture is entitled 'Pasta In Process'



  1. Yaknow, to atone for all of that, the German family will be waiting for you at your next campsite :P

    For future reference: 'Ich werde dein Kind mit einem Löffel killen'.

  2. Ha ha, very good Marie!
    I can't believe I raised a criminal, I'm a failed parent :o)