Saturday, 21 August 2010


Mornin' all.. seems the ferries are running again today, so I'm heading back to Oban this afternoon on the 2 o'clock ferry, landing on the mainland for about 7pm ish.
The B&B last night was fantastic and a real life (and tent) saver, and after a week on a rollmat sleeping in a real bed was very nice indeed.
A truly magnificent breakfast was served up at 8:30 sharp and was a greatly received start to the day.
Breakfast all done and farewells exchanged I hit the road with the wind still blowing a hooley I headed south, wanting to have a look at Eriskay, the small island between South Uist and Barra.
More stunning coastline, white beaches broken by rocky outcrops, all the beaches busy with noisy gulls and beaky wading birds dipping the sand for and worms or bugs.
Eventually reaching Ludag at the southernmost tip of South Uist where an impressive causeway leads over to Eriskay where yet again the wind trying to snatch the bike out from under me.. with time being short and not knowing how long the ride back to the ferry at Loch Boisdsle was going to take in the wind, after a quick cycle on Eriskay I turned tail and headed back up the coast, passing on the way none other than my savoir from yesterday, smiling and waving madly from his yellow van.
Now back at the ferry terminal, being entertained by an unfortunate family who Dispite once being told they were booked on the ferry, are now being told they were only booked on the reserve list, and with 6 cars ahead of them in the reserve queue, there was a strong possibility they are not going to be sailing any where today.. :o(
Although sat here listening to the gossip about the "fair old swell on" staying on dry land might not be a bad thing..
We'll see.. :s


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