Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Lakes

Well a fun day, and a dry one! \o/
Started out with a glorious clear sky and golden sunrise, only spoiled by the bastard cockrel in the next field who decided to cock-a-doodle-do from 5:30 in the morning only to be joined by a very large and very noisy bird of prey that joined in the chorus with its loud and angry yelling... but at least it wasn't raining!
Now the local shop id called in in the evening before didn't sell normal porridge oats so I was forced into 'moving with the times' and risking 'oats-so-simple' ...
*stares at the weeny individual sachets*
3 of them should do I thought...
It's not bad... but its not porridge..
Slightly miffed I was on the road before 9.
Out on the road, and soon through Longtown, up and down the relentless hills into Carlisle. Now last time I blogged about Carlisle I may have been a bit rude about the place, calling it something along the lines of a town full if chav boy racers and Vickie Pollard wannabies.. I do take it back, cause approaching the town from this direction I did pass a street that looked really nice.. so to the residents of that street, I am sorry.
Hurriedly out of Carlisle an down the very hilly stretch of the A6 into Penrith, long hard uphills with the downhill parts spoiled by the headwind... but at least its not raining!
Lunch in Penrith and feeling fit I made the decision that the last two days of Audax style biking has been fun, but now time to get back to what this bike was built for.. Touring!
So I took a right and headed westward to the north of the Lake District at Keswick, were the last couple of miles into town I was joined by a female "Roadie" out for a days biking and interested in my travels..
Another food stop and I headed south through the heart of the Lake District marvelling at the lines of walkers marching up and down the sides of these massive mountains like trails of ants on the move. Past the lakes at Thirlmere and Grassmere into the pretty town and outdoor hot spot of Ambleside, packed with shoppers spending their fortunes st one of the million outdoor shops in this little village. Along the banks of Lake Windemere and up the vicious hill into Windemere village, which hurt, a lot.
Then a plot up and down a few more painful hills to my current camp at Kendal.
All in all a very hard but rewarding day of 80 miles, and I'm very happy that I took the diversion through the lakes.
I suspect a pasta dinner again tonight, and tomorrow I might (weather depending) go and have a look down the coast at Morecambe and mebbe even blacklpool.
Till then I'll leave you with a picture of Grasmere..


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