Monday, 16 August 2010


Hey folks, sorry about the lack of blog yesterday, but I had a bit of an issue charging my phone, and when I did manage to put some life into it, I was struggling to keep a signal long enough to do anything with it...
So in brief, yesterday was absolutely brilliant.. woke to a stunning sunrise over the mountains surrounding my camp spot, hearty breakfast of porridge (top tip picked up from fellow tourer and brilliant writer, Josie Dew) and lots of strong coffee all ad with.I managed to consume whilst simultaniously myself providing a hearty breakfast for the billion swarming midges..
Packed up the camp and headed out to the shore.. brilliant morning sunshine beautiful coastline and soaring mountains were the order if the morning, and without some of the finest biking I've done anywhere. Nice big climb over the mountains to whizz down the other side ti catch the ferry from Lochranza to Claonaig joining the mainland again briefly for a big climb then s steep and gravelly decent down to Kennacraig, nearly binding the bike into a ditch whilst goofing off at the spectacular views, oops!
Safety aboard the second ferry of the day from Kennacraig to Port Askaig, Islay.. 2 hours of warm sun up on deck and I rolled my humbled wheels onto the hallowed ground of the whisky capital of the world. Islay.
A fierce climb out if port Askaig before levelling out through the village of Keills Athena trundle along flat grounds before making a diversion off the road to snap some pictures of Kilmeny for a friend. Along into Bowmore then 10 miles along a spectacularly straight road into Port Ellen, pausing along the way to snap a pic of a large snake sat peacefully in the road.
Shop stop in Port Ellen the out west to Kintra Beach and my camp for the night. Kintra is the most spectacular stretch of pure white sands and crystal blue sea stretching a good 4 miles accords Laggan Bay. The day finally ending with a brilliant golden sunset over the sea.



  1. Looks beautiful and peaceful. Hope you sampled some whisky at the Laphroaig Distillery. Have one for me!

  2. It looks lovely and it's great that you can post pics but stay away from big bap country. :o) Hope the weather stays good for you & keep eating the porrige! Any pasta worth reporting yet? x

  3. Typical, only Tim would travel the length of the country in search of 'uisce beatha' :P