Thursday, 26 August 2010

Chorley Cakes & Many Berries

Eveninoon again..
Another dry day! Weeeeeeee!
Up early, breakfast and on the road before 9am, wheeled into town on search of a bike shop to try and replace the little handlebar mounted mirror that I broke off yesterday.. lots of bike shops but none with the object in question.. so out on the road again and headed south..
Following the coast on a pleasantly quiet road, I wheeled into Morecambe at about lunchtime, bustling with tourists I pootled along the promenade in search of a cure for my craving for seafood, which in a town like Morecambe is easily found.. large portion of exquisitely cooked fish and chips followed by a little platter of mixed shellfish, muscles, cockles, prawns, crayfish and crab.. nomnom!
Craving satisfied and away to Lancaster with its maze of funky cycle paths, still gets top marks for cycle friendliness..
Resisting the temptation to take the turn for Blackpool I continued on to Garstang, probably the friendliest place I've passed through, a stop at a bike shop to try for the mirror resulted in a friendly crowd of cyclists all eager to talk about my trip, panniers and touring in general..
Even as I sat mounting my newly bought mirror a couple of people stopped to ask if id broke down and if I needed anything.. with one old chap pulling over and getting out his car to enquire on my road worthiness, how nice..
With the sun still shining I made is successfully through Preston and out into the countryside just west of Chorley where I pitched camp once before when on the 'ill fated' trip on the tandem..
Dinner tonight contains a few freebies I gathered throughout the day.. pasta of course, with tuna and sweetcorn.. the sweetcorn I 'found' just growing at the side of the road.. well in a field by the road, well... in a field full of sweetcorn by the road..
And dessert tonight is a big heap of Plums which were really growing at the side of the road, mixed with some blackberries from the bush next to my tent.. which I'm now boiling up into a big sweet sticky slop I'm gonna pig with some 'homemade' shortbread purchased from the bakery down the road that also supplied me with a big stack of Chorley Cakes.. nom!
Yay for Freeberries!
Gonna grab an early night and with a bit of luck and tailwind i'll be back home in time for a pint tomorrow..
Will keep ya posted..


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